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Investors and organizational leaders have a tendency to want a financial return on the money they invest in a company, especially when it’s spent on often-ethereal activities like marketing. They want to see how the marketing team turns their financial investment into real dollars and company profit. This means you must measure the impact of your marketing campaigns if you want to show how your marketing spend directly contributed to sales.


Rapid growth in the fitness industry and crowded digital marketing spaces have made it hard to get your audience’s attention. You need more leads to continue growing your gym’s membership base, but your strategy doesn‘t seem as effective at raking in the leads as it once was.

fitness lead generation

How do you attract more leads when competition is so fierce?


So you’re working on your blog, and carefully planning and managing your content with a blog calendar. Likewise, you’re continually fine-tuning your email marketing strategy to assess what’s working and what’s not. And why? To achieve your health club’s overall marketing goal: to generate and grow your gym’s memberships.

Leads, Social Media

To generate memberships and increase retention, you have to have a solid Facebook marketing strategy in place. A key component of that strategy is reaching and engaging  your prospects, with the goal to turn your prospects into leads over time. With 1.09 billion daily active users on the social platform, you have the potential to cast a wide net for your ideal members, and as a result, drive leads to your website and blog.  

Leads, Social Media

When it comes to generating awareness for your health club, Facebook is an incredible marketing tool. It allows you to stay connected with both your members and prospects, and through content sharing, you can educate, motivate, and inspire your fans. Sharing inspiring content and practical information are essential for your members and prospects alike because it adds value. But we know the goal is to move prospects towards membership, so how can we get them to take that next step?

Leads, Email Marketing

We’ve talked about the importance of email marketing in order to effectively build your health club memberships, and even offered some helpful tips for you to use at your gym for optimal growth and strategic marketing planning.

Leads, Strategy

You’re working hard to create consistent, quality blog content. Once you hit the “publish” button, you may be thinking, “Is this it? All of that hard work and research and writing and time and planning and editing … just over?” The answer is absolutely not. Let us introduce a creative and resourceful tool of “repurposing.”

Leads, Strategy

Many established businesses face the same problem when they are ready to make the move from traditional marketing to more sustainable marketing like inbound marketing. The old or traditional way that health clubs grew their business was through billboards, local media (like radio), print, and television. They also converted the purchased audience to members with offers.

It is the classic marketing funnel.


Are you guilty of tunnel vision when it comes to generating new leads for your health club?

You may be wondering how to produce more qualified leads at the bottom of your fitness marketing funnel, however it’s possible you’ve been neglecting opportunities to engage interested prospects earlier in the buying process. Before you decide to write these top of funnel prospects off, it may simply be they need a bit more inspiration and education before they decide to join.

Leads, Website Design

Does your health club website have a blog? Chances are you’re busy trying to generate more qualified leads and planning ways to increase non-dues revenue from existing members to consider a blog a priority. 

But a blog might be just the thing your gym needs to accomplish all those things and more.