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Traffic, Strategy

Remember when we talked about how a blog can help your health club generate more qualified leads? We’re willing to bet that if you’re committed to blogging, you’re probably now reaping some of the benefits, including helping to bring prospects to your website, building your brand’s identity, demonstrating your expertise, and of course helping to boost membership sales.

Traffic, Website Design

Your health club website is your very best sales person. Do you have more than one gym location? If so, listen up!

Location, location, location: because location is a primary factor for potential members when deciding which health club to join, it is absolutely imperative to include individual pages and information on your website for each of your health clubs. This is not only helpful for prospects interested in learning more about your gym and its offerings, but it’s also a huge part of the local SEO (search engine optimization) game.

Traffic, Awareness

Your health club website has a blog up-and-running and things are going smoothly but, let me guess, you’ve hit somewhat of a writing wall. Content – you need quality, researched, creative, educational and engaging content on a regular basis, which takes time and energy and writing skillsets, and money (if you’re outsourcing).