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The first thing you thought of when the pandemic began wasn’t marketing. That’s a good thing. Take care of immediate concerns first, like protecting your customers and stopping the spread. Once you’ve got an action plan in place, though, it’s time to start thinking through the marketing challenges of a pandemic. 


If you have ever made a purchase, you have experienced the customer journey. Think about the last purchase you made. Maybe you saw an ad online for a new product and began to interact with the brand to learn more about it. Maybe you were trying to solve a problem and you began to research solutions. This was the start of your customer journey. 

Strategy, Inbound Marketing

New year, new slate, new goals.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is here to stay. But the techniques you’re using to get it done may not be. Over the past couple of years we have seen impressive advances in technology, from voice activated search devices (hello, Alexa) to chatbots that can handle customer queries. We’ve also seen audience behavior changes that include mobile search, audiovisual content consumption, and a desire for authentic, quality storytelling.

Social Media

Campaigns on social media are run with a number of different goals in mind: to build an email list, promote a new product, or increase brand awareness. If your goal is to increase your brand’s reach and grow your fan base, you first need to determine what motivates your consumer to act. By offering an incentive that’s appealing to your target audience, you can prompt them to engage with you socially online, and in the process achieve your social media goals.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is more than a methodology - it’s a philosophy. It’s a way of life! And, we don’t always share the same background. We are a diverse group, made up of transformed marketers, designers, developers, writers, artists, social media thought leaders.

Social Media

The question as to whether or not brands should be on social media is a thing of the past. Social media engagement continues to rise, with Facebook leading the pack.

SEO, Content Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO), is all about providing the best answers to what people are searching for. In fact, Google has these “spiders” that crawl the internet identifying the best answers to a user’s question. Their criteria for what a good answer is can be read about here.

Social Media

There’s a lot to love about a really great social media campaign. Social campaigns are fun, engaging and can really drive results for your business. Looking to implement a new campaign? Well you’re in luck! We’ve searched the web, and rounded up some of the best social media campaigns we could find to give you some inspiration.

Social Media

We've Run a Gazillion Social Media Campaigns.