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Someone told you that you needed a blog for your business. So you’ve set one up, written a few posts, thought of a few topics, and even had your intern share the blog post on your social media platform. But you still do not see the immediate benefit from those blog posts, and it seems to take a lot of time for no tangible results.

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The Most Popular Flower on Social Media

It’s been just over a year since we landed the Geranium Rozanne account, and man, has it been a great year! For those who don’t know, Geranium Rozanne is an award-winning hardy geranium that is easy to grow, tough to kill, and perfect for first-time gardeners. As a flower, Rozanne has a great many virtues, but as our friend, she has even more.

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By now, you have probably heard about the update to Facebook’s algorithms that have a major impact on reach, and subsequently engagement, on your Facebook posts. So how do you create posts that generate Facebook leads given the new changes that have decreased the reach of your posts? It takes a dose of detail mixed with a little creativity.

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I admit it, I heart social media campaigns. But what do I love more? Successful social media campaigns that deliver tangible results for our clients - the kind of results that achieve their goals and mission, that generate an ROI their CEO can be proud of, the kind that fill their entire marketing funnel and (most importantly) make them happy.


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Inbound marketing is difficult.


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Many of you have recently seen this video highlighting the issue with Facebook Likes fraud.

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Luxury hotels are positioned to create innovative, headturning social media campaigns. They have a list of assets that are at the disposal of few other industries. A luxury hotel has a very specific image and voice. They appeal to a visitor's desire to be comfortable and relax. The visitor needs to see how this hotel can make their stay as enjoyable as possible. It's an easy sell, "Relax, have fun, and let us do all the rest." But, how do you make that pitch via social media?


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A fun and strategic way to engage your online fans is through a social media campaign. Using seasons, holidays, or big events is a great way to run a kick-butt campaign while piggybacking on the hype that is already present surrounding these themes.


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There are two main questions people typically ask us when it comes to their budget for marketing:

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As we near the end of another year, the season of reflection and resolutions is upon us. And while it’s true that we should be analyzing and adjusting our strategy all throughout the year, we all know how quickly time passes and how easy it is to let certain things fall through the cracks.