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Jacob is the Analytics Intern at WindFarm Marketing. He has a background in technical support and is Google Annalytics certified. He loves learning about anything from Japanese Poetry to Wilderness Survival. If you want to find him he’ll be smoking his pipe and listening to the Hallelujah Chicken Run Band.
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Luxury hotels are positioned to create innovative, headturning social media campaigns. They have a list of assets that are at the disposal of few other industries. A luxury hotel has a very specific image and voice. They appeal to a visitor's desire to be comfortable and relax. The visitor needs to see how this hotel can make their stay as enjoyable as possible. It's an easy sell, "Relax, have fun, and let us do all the rest." But, how do you make that pitch via social media?



Marketing data is often presented as a cold and lifeless tool for the analytical mind. An all too common phobia of numbers and using them has skewed our view of these helpful digits. Data appears too abstract. We ask, how can data show us real engagement with real people? Data, if used creatively, gives us specific and detailed information. Data is not an hindrance to authentic communication; it is knowledge. We cannot make an honest appraisal of ourselves or have real relationships without knowledge. This is where data can help us.