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The first thing you thought of when the pandemic began wasn’t marketing. That’s a good thing. Take care of immediate concerns first, like protecting your customers and stopping the spread. Once you’ve got an action plan in place, though, it’s time to start thinking through the marketing challenges of a pandemic. 


If you have ever made a purchase, you have experienced the customer journey. Think about the last purchase you made. Maybe you saw an ad online for a new product and began to interact with the brand to learn more about it. Maybe you were trying to solve a problem and you began to research solutions. This was the start of your customer journey. 

Strategy, Inbound Marketing

New year, new slate, new goals.

Strategy, Content Marketing

The marketing industry is continually evolving. In the last 10 years alone, we’ve seen the rise of inbound marketing and the importance of connecting online, impact how we reach and influence consumers. As marketers, this also means we have the job of staying on top of the latest trends and developments so we can get ahead of the curve.  

Strategy, Content Marketing

Are you doing all the right things when it comes to content marketing?

Creating remarkable content? Check.

Speaking to your personas? Check.

Creating content for each phase of the buyer’s journey? Check.

Perhaps the right boxes are checked, but you still aren’t achieving the results you are looking for?


Results are the bread and butter of inbound marketing. What we do and how we do it, is based on results. As inbound marketers, we live for results. If we aren’t dreaming up remarkable content, we are dreaming of ways to increase results.

Traffic, Strategy

Someone told you that you needed a blog for your business. So you’ve set one up, written a few posts, thought of a few topics, and even had your intern share the blog post on your social media platform. But you still do not see the immediate benefit from those blog posts, and it seems to take a lot of time for no tangible results.


Brainstorming, planning out and implementing a fresh new (or revised) marketing plan ranks at the top of our list of priorities and fun. This is what we live for – continuing what works well, refreshing what’s not, and always moving forward at an agile and cautiously optimistic pace.


Well, you weren’t certain you wanted to click over, but you had to do it. You were worried that you’d get here and I’d say something like, “The TRICK to converting inbound marketing leads is to TREAT your prospects with the right content at the right time.” Okay, I did just say it, but that’s not the only thing I have to say.

Social Media, Strategy

You’ve been trying to stay ahead in the Marketing game and successfully using Facebook advertising to do that. You already know that Facebook has the best audience targeting data and that advertising with its platform has been creating awareness and generating leads for your business. So why would you care about advertising on another platform like Instagram?