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Health Club Marketing

gym marketing promotional offer campaignsEvery gym and health club out there is running promotional offer campaigns. But what does it take to stand out from the competition and run offers with reduced cost-per-lead and higher conversion rates? We’ve learned a few best practices along the way and we’re sharing a few with you today. Power up your offer campaigns and increase memberships!

Social media marketing for gymsMarketing your gym involves a lot of activity on social media. You want to engage your current members and bring in new leads at the same time. There’s a lot of strategy development required in order to cover all of your social media marketing goals. If you need any help with your gym’s social media strategy, we’ve got a list of best practices for you to start with. Now you’re ready to focus on Facebook and Instagram - but can you use the same content and strategy for both platforms?

Social Media Marketing Strategy for GymsYou’re no stranger to social media. Maybe you’re not totally sure what the “kids” are up to on SnapChat, but you’ve got a handle on the biggies: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You and your marketing team may be handling these social media channels for your gym just like you would handle your personal channels. But is that a winning strategy? Social media marketing for your gym requires a specialized plan.

Fitness Marketing Email Dos and Don'ts

Fitness Marketing Reduce cost per lead
Increasing your gym’s memberships and ROI involves acquiring lots of leads as inexpensively as possible for your sales team to close. Is email marketing really an effective way to make that happen? If you want to reduce costs per lead, then yes - email marketing should be a key focus of your fitness marketing plan.

CRM-BLOG-2CRM Migration. That’s a phrase you don’t necessarily look forward to hearing. It can be a headache but is probably a necessary evil for your fitness brand at some point if you want to streamline processes, optimize sales leads, and increase conversions and profit margins. So what is a CRM system and do you really need to switch it out?


Leads are leads, right? We just want more! So do the sources really matter? They do! Obsessing about lead sources in your fitness marketing pays off in multiple ways and leads to, well...more leads.


Digital Marketing for Fitness

What if we could show you how to double or even triple your marketing ROI while also increasing gym membership by 60%? Sound too good to be true? Well hold onto your free weights, because in this post we’re going to give you the secret to achieving results like this.

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At WindFarm, we LOVE health and fitness. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as being experts when it comes to Inbound marketing for fitness organizations. So, you can imagine how thrilled we were to start a partnership with Kaia FIT - a fitness brand by women for women.