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How Gold's SoCal Increased Monthly Digital Lead Volume from 750 to 5,000

The fitness industry is thriving with the rise of fitness apps, social media, and a surplus of hip and new ways to get fit. With this thriving field comes new ways to market to potential clients and in turn increase your reach. So are your efforts being met with the results you’re hoping for?

As Brian Morris from Gold’s Gym SoCal testified, your current leads per month can increase tenfold when adding on a professional marketing agency such as WindFarm. Marketing isn’t like doing 1 to 2 reps of your max weight, it’s like doing a full body circuit workout and getting every muscle engaged. So let’s work together to make sure all of your marketing muscles are being worked to their full extent.

9 Years Experience Growing Fitness Brands People Love

Gold's Gym
Kaia FIT
Chicago Athletic Club

How We Do It

We turn your online presence into a “growth engine.” How? By using the power of social media, beautifully crafted content, and the science of SEO & Inbound Marketing fueled by targeted paid digital advertising.

We can help crack the code on placing the right content or offer, in front of the right person, in the right channel, at the right time.


An Integrated System, as Easy as ABC

WindFarm is the only fitness marketing agency that has integrated ABC Financial with the HubSpot platform. This enables you to market to members using the advanced marketing engine of HubSpot’s marketing cloud. This is vital for:

  1. Membership Attribution;
  2. Advanced Member Marketing Automation Workflows;
  3. Closed-loop Revenue Reporting;
  4. Real-time Data Reporting.

It’s also as easy as ABC to use 😉

Having this integrated system makes capturing and closing leads flow seamlessly. It helps you track and manage your reports, and understand how your marketing efforts are impacting your bottom- line business growth. Information like this is fundamental for fitness clubs and gyms to track how they are performing and see where improvements may need to be made.

Having this system empowers you to see rapid results and grow your business to its full potential. WindFarm will help you step up to the bench press and out lift the competition using this strategy.


A Live Guide to HubSpot and ABC Financial

Learn how this integrated process will streamline your marketing efforts and end up saving you time, money and headaches while getting you results.



These guys rule. Do yourself a favor and let these folks guide and drive your company's social media initiatives to success. They have been a great investment for Cal Fit.


Patrick Bumpus, California Family Fitness

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