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How Gold's SoCal Increased Monthly Digital Lead Volume from 750 to 5,000

The fitness industry is thriving with the rise of fitness apps, social media, and a surplus of hip and new ways to get fit. With this thriving field comes new ways to market to potential clients and in turn increase your reach. So are your efforts being met with the results you’re hoping for?

As Brian Morris from Gold’s Gym SoCal testified, your current leads per month can increase tenfold when adding on a professional marketing agency such as WindFarm. Marketing isn’t like doing 1 to 2 reps of your max weight, it’s like doing a full body circuit workout and getting every muscle engaged. So let’s work together to make sure all of your marketing muscles are being worked to their full extent.

9 Years Experience Growing Fitness Brands People Love

Gold's Gym
Kaia FIT
Chicago Athletic Club

How We Do It

We turn your online presence into a “growth engine.” How? By using the power of social media, beautifully crafted content, and the science of SEO & Inbound Marketing fueled by targeted paid digital advertising.

We can help crack the code on placing the right content or offer, in front of the right person, in the right channel, at the right time.


An Integrated System, as Easy as ABC

WindFarm is the only fitness marketing agency that has integrated ABC Financial with the HubSpot platform. This enables you to market to members using the advanced marketing engine of HubSpot’s marketing cloud. This is vital for:

  1. Membership Attribution;
  2. Advanced Member Marketing Automation Workflows;
  3. Closed-loop Revenue Reporting;
  4. Real-time Data Reporting.

It’s also as easy as ABC to use 😉

Having this integrated system makes capturing and closing leads flow seamlessly. It helps you track and manage your reports, and understand how your marketing efforts are impacting your bottom- line business growth. Information like this is fundamental for fitness clubs and gyms to track how they are performing and see where improvements may need to be made.

Having this system empowers you to see rapid results and grow your business to its full potential. WindFarm will help you step up to the bench press and out lift the competition using this strategy.


A Live Guide to HubSpot and ABC Financial

Learn how this integrated process will streamline your marketing efforts and end up saving you time, money and headaches while getting you results.


Fitness Inbound Marketing

Fitness Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing for the fitness industry is a sustainable, sophisticated methodology to grow your business in a way that exponentially brings more members to your club while improving your buyer’s journey and establishing trusted thought leadership behind your brand.

Our fitness inbound marketing programs are designed to engage the right lead, at the right time, with the right content or offer, in the right channel on your behalf to gain their trust and earn their loyalty and membership. 

Since 2006 we've been using inbound marketing techniques to attract, convert, close and delight customers to power brands people love. And, our clients think we're pretty good at it.

  • Inbound Marketing Certified
  • Contextual Marketing Certified
  • Email Marketing Certified
  • HubSpot Gold Partner
  • Partner Rookie of The Year 2014
  • HubSpot Software Certified




Fitness Websites and Integrations

For many people, your fitness website will be their first impression of your gym. We specialize in designing beautiful websites for lead generation that create an excellent user experience across all devices.

A custom website built by WindFarm functions as a resource for gym prospects and members, to captivate and delight. Your new fitness website will focus on all elements of the buyer’s journey to attract, convert, close and delight your buyer personas and keep them coming back for more. Think of your website is an extension of your health club’s sales team. 

Our team is also able to integrate your website with other marketing and sales CRM systems to work together as a connected technology stack. Need your website and HubSpot Marketing portal to speak to your Sales CRM and ABC Financial Datatrack System? We can make that happen for better tracking and understanding of your data and marketing ROI. 

Custom Built Website Features:

  • Custom Design
  • Built on HubSpot or Wordpress 
  • Optimized for Conversions
  • Responsive and Secure
  • Search-Engine Friendly
  • Easy-to-share on Social Media




Fitness Content Marketing

The right content can help your health club build a trusting relationship with prospects that are more likely to become members. Our team of strategists, copywriters, developers and graphic designers work together to produce and promote remarkable content and campaigns to fuel your health club. Content Marketing can include:

  • Content Marketing Strategy: Having the best content starts with strategy. We will help your club produce content people love, making you a brand that people love. Content strategy
  • Premium Content Campaigns: Our Award-Winning Premium Content Campaigns are perfect for turning website or social media visitors into members. Our campaigns include creation of fitness eBooks, Nutrition Guides, Workout Plans, Checklists, Tips, Templates and more. The pieces of content are beautifully designed and are fitness by fitness experts. 
  • Blogging: Having a blog is one thing, using your blog to gain leads and retain members is another. WindFarm helps your blog target the right audience with topics that will appeal to your ideal member. We include Smart CTA’s to push blog readers to become sales qualified leads. 
  • Email Marketing: Gone are the “one-size-fits-all” email messages. Our fitness email marketing campaigns are segmented with the right message for the right list. We know the power email has for your gym, let us help your gym. 


Social Media Marketing

Fitness Social Media Marketing

Our team has a long history of helping fitness brands engage today's consumer with social media. Our signature hybrid approach uses inbound and social media marketing to bring exponential growth to your community while converting social media followers into loyal members.

    • Social Media Strategy & Advertising: We don’t want your social to keep engaging people who are already members and fans of your club. Let us help you find new leads and prospects through social and set you apart from other gyms in your area. 
    • Social Media Contests & Giveaways: Our team can help you attract new gym prospects with social media contests and giveaways. We take a unique approach to our contest to help bring in more members prospects than ever before. 
    • Social Content Production & Publishing: Our social content is strategic and designed to engage members and prospects. Watch your social engagement improve from the work of our copywriters and designers.
  • Monitoring, Reporting, & Management:
  • We can monitor regularly and notify you of any comments that need special attention. The social marketing metrics and analytics that matter most will be highlighted so we can continue to engage and grow your community.



Fitness Search Engine Marketing

Outrank your competition with an ongoing SEO/SEM program. An ongoing SEO program and content marketing strategy for fitness can elevate the visibility of your website in the search engines to bring a strong and steady flow of qualified traffic, leads, and new members. 

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of creating and executing a plan for SEO & SEM with a plan that includes:

  • Website SEO Audits: Our team identifies the barriers between your website and the search engines with a comprehensive website SEO audit. This is used to inform a strategic SEO plan for your organization. We'll look at your site the way Google sees it and reveal what needs to be improved.
  • Information Architecture, Meta Data & Keyword Optimization: We’ll help you increase relevant traffic and conversions on your website, while decreasing the bounce rate by optimizing your keywords, meta-data and how information is structured and presented.
  • Off-Page analysis & Ongoing SEO/SEM: Understand how to outrank your competitors in search by conducting an analysis of links and keywords tied to your own website's pages and that of your direct competitors.
  • Local SEO: Your gym wants to attract customers from your specific region. Your club can  become the local gym of choice by letting our experts optimize your local search listings and configure location pages on your website. 



Fitness Paid Digital Advertising

Advertise to your ideal member on the networks and devices they are using. A good digital advertising strategy for fitness involves using multiple channels to naturally connect with people throughout the day as they move from environment to environment and from device to device.

  • Search Advertising, Display and Re-targeting
    • If you are unsure if your paid search advertising is really working or if you are not bringing in enough leads let us help you. We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your PPC accounts and strategy (at not cost to you) to uncover ad budget waste and identify what needs to be improved and optimized. 
  • Facebook Advertising Campaigns
    • Are you on Facebook and not achieving the results you would like to see for your health club? Our team has the expertise to attract interested prospects, leads, and future members to your brand’s page. We’ll bring the power of Facebook to your sales teams
  • Instagram Advertising 
    • Instagram has become an important lead generator in the fitness industry with its over 500 million people using it daily. Tap into this market with campaigns that target your ideal member with offers they cannot refuse.



Email Marketing Automation

Emails coming from your fitness club should be personal, relevant and timely. 

A smart email strategy moves people through the funnel by  delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time. We use the power of targeted, engaging, and automated email marketing campaigns to move personas, prospects, and members seamlessly through the fitness buyer's journey.

  • Lead Nurturing Workflows
  • New Member Welcome Series
  • Upsell Campaigns
  • Member Renewals, Birthdays, Anniversary Campaigns
  • And more...



These guys rule. Do yourself a favor and let these folks guide and drive your company's social media initiatives to success. They have been a great investment for Cal Fit.


Patrick Bumpus, California Family Fitness

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