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Gold's Gym SoCal

Gold’s Gym SoCal combines its established brand with a full range of fitness classes, training, and more for families at 17 locations in Southern California. With the shift in how consumers make membership decisions, Gold’s Gym SoCal recognized the need to increase member acquisition and engagement through digital marketing efforts.

WindFarm's digital marketing strategy for Gold’s Gym SoCal focused on integrating two key marketing programs—the cornerstone to success for our fitness clients: Inbound Marketing that provides long-term, sustainable online growth and Social Media Marketing that accelerates the results of Inbound via targeted social advertising.

Our strategic fitness campaigns created a growth engine increasing overall traffic, fan followers, new leads and new members. By creating compelling content in the right place at the right time, using carefully researched ideal-member personas, Gold’s Gym SoCal experienced powerful membership gains and achieved Gold’s Gym Franchisee of the Year in 2017.


Gold's Gym SoCal


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The Power of One

WindFarm built website templates and digital marketing cloud integrations, including a custom CRM integration between HubSpot and ABC Financial, to form the infrastructure to deliver a powerful marketing growth engine from one hub. We also included integrations with Club OS and Gold’s Gym International, creating an internal marketing department in one spot.

By focusing efforts on website pages and integrations that moved leads quickly and seamlessly through the member’s journey on the back end and delivering properly qualified leads to the sales team quickly, Gold’s Gym SoCal reached a new level: over 60% membership growth.

Content That Packs a Punch

WindFarm created an inbound content strategy to nurture and convert Gold’s Gym SoCal’s ideal member profiles and engage existing contacts:

  • Blog posts created, optimized, published & promoted
  • Premium gated content developed, branded & licensed
  • Social media giveaways developed & managed
  • Promotional offers created & promoted

By delivering knockout strategic content, we increased brand trust, contact engagement and new contacts. The results? Thousands of qualified leads and reaching over a 50% conversion rate for giveaways.

The Strength of Social Media

WindFarm developed a social media growth strategy for Gold’s Gym SoCal that engaged fitness fans where they play online with focused efforts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By delivering social media content designed for fitness fans in different stages of the member’s journey, we boosted community growth and engagement.

Social media content targeted fitness personas and engaged fans, driving traffic to the website. In less than 6 months, Gold’s Gym SoCal experienced almost 100% growth in their social communities, meaning lower costs-per-lead, increased conversion rates and an additional channel to engage with prospects and members.

Email That Engages and Empowers

WindFarm created email campaigns with varying objectives helping Gold’s Gym SoCal engage prospects and members, build brand trust, and convert leads into members:

  • Monthly Offers - converted visitors to qualified leads
  • Persona Lead-Nurturing - supported lead generation & retention
  • New-Member Engagement - assimilated new members & upsold services
  • Blog Subscriptions - educated, inspired & informed

The engaging persona-based content and automated email workflows built with our inbound strategy nearly tripled Gold’s Gym SoCal’s email open rates.