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Beka is a Strategist at WindFarm Marketing. She loves dabbling, reading, scheming, writing, and dreaming up ways to make good things better. When she's not working, you can find her gardening, throwing dinner parties, and/or drinking champagne.
Website Design

Strategy Will Make or Break Your Redesign Project

I cannot tell you the number of times we’ve had companies come to us looking for a website redesign only months after having invested a good chunk of change in a brand new website. Often these folks are frustrated, tired, and suspicious of marketing companies by the time they get to us.

Awareness, Loyalty

A brand is a promise. Don’t believe me?

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The Most Popular Flower on Social Media

It’s been just over a year since we landed the Geranium Rozanne account, and man, has it been a great year! For those who don’t know, Geranium Rozanne is an award-winning hardy geranium that is easy to grow, tough to kill, and perfect for first-time gardeners. As a flower, Rozanne has a great many virtues, but as our friend, she has even more.


We're growing here at WindFarm, and it's exciting! I sat down with our newest strategist, Tessa Bicard, to ask her a few questions. Enjoy.


What were you doing before joining WindFarm?

I had been living and working in Paris for the past ten years and just recently moved back to my NorCal roots. I come from a PR and marketing background and was working on the communications team for Astrium, a division of Airbus. Most recently, I have been traveling through Asia and the US with keeping up a photography blog in coordination with my husband. I really loved the opportunity to create content around our adventures and to dive into the world of blogging.


Last month, we added another fabulous strategist to our team here at WindFarm Marketing. Like many of us here at WindFarm, Courtney was running her own company, Talk is Sheep, before making the decision to consolidate resources and narrow her focus a bit by joining our merry band of linchpins.

Awareness, Leads

Sacramento has some great things going for it. No longer simply California’s political core, we’ve really grown into a unique, creative, and inviting city, home to quite a few strong local brands, a thriving spirit of entrepreneurship, restaurants known for local and organic flair, and a rising creative class. And we’ve done it all while still maintaining the unique history and culture of our fair city, too. In spite of economic woes, we’ve really managed to build and maintain something pretty fantastic.



The Freelancer’s Dilemma

It’s just over a year ago now that I made the transition from freelancer to WindFarm employee, and I’ll be honest, it was a scary move for me. While there’s a lot of risk in being self-employed, there’s a freedom and flexibility that seemingly makes it all worthwhile. So, letting go of that was a big, bold move, but I did it because I saw potential in what was going on at WindFarm Marketing. I did it because of their company culture.


WindFarm’s First UK Client

Westfield House was a fun, unique client for us for a couple of reasons. First, they’re a Lutheran theological house located in Cambridge, England. Most of our clients are family lifestyle brands located in or around Sacramento and the Bay Area, and while it’s certainly within our ability to work with clients anywhere in the world, this was one of our first opportunities to have a legit UK client! But second, Westfield House was in the process of having their official house crest, arms, and badge designed, so we had the opportunity to learn a little bit about that process, which is actually quite the ordeal.



Before we could begin any work with Arthur Murray’s Bay Area Studios, Beka and Suzy had to take a dance lesson. Beka shares marketing tips and what the experience taught her about marketing and life over on the Arthur Murray Blog. 

Read it here!

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There are two main questions people typically ask us when it comes to their budget for marketing: