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Written by Tessa Bicard

We’ve talked about the importance of email marketing in order to effectively build your health club memberships, and even offered some helpful tips for you to use at your gym for optimal growth and strategic marketing planning.


But you may now be wondering, how do you build a strong and relevant database of email addresses? Great question. Here are a few ways to build a solid email list of the right people, in a simple and highly effective manner:

Content Offers

Create valuable content resources that help prospects solve a problem related to their health and fitness needs. Doing so will help build trust in your health club brand – and build trust in your team of personal trainers and instructors when you feature them as part of your community of health and fitness experts.

The key here is to make the content offers informational and valuable enough so that prospects will want to offer up their email address, and additional information if needed, in exchange for them. If you make your content offer available only after someone fills out a form with their personal information, you’ll be able to collect a steady stream of interested parties that you can start marketing to. Promote these content offers via social media advertising campaigns, on your website and blog, and on the ever-powerful social media timelines, streams and feeds.

Lead-Generating Advertisements

Lead ads are the best way to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook. More specifically, they let people easily show their interest in a product or service by filling out a form with their details. This in turn allows a business to follow-up with them or lets someone sign up for newsletters and other special offers, for example.

The mobile signup process is now easier than ever, automatically filled out with contact information that people have given Facebook, like email addresses. The user simply has to click a button or two to opt-in, show their interest, and get added to your email database. Easy! 


Include a special giveaway or sweepstakes campaign to offer a valuable and enticing prize that can be a fun way to engage your existing audience, attract new prospects, promote a new class, or highlight an amenity or other special feature at your health club.

Make sure to collect email addresses through the giveaway to add all participating contacts to your ever-growing email database – just be sure to be completely upfront about the email communication they will receive from you in the future, for full disclosure. 

Exit Email Opt-Ins

Add an exit pop-up onto your website to make sure that before a visitor leaves your site, they have a chance to opt-in to your newsletter or subscribe to your blog. Doing so allows the prospect, or existing customer, the opportunity to stay connected with your health club and thus gives your health club the chance to nurture them through, you guessed it - email communication!

Now it’s your turn: tell us how you’ve successfully built your email database? What has been the most effective when building your email list? Do share!

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Tessa is an Inbound Marketing Consultant at WindFarm Marketing and specializes in the fitness and travel verticals, with an emphasis on B to C clients.
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