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Loyalty, Strategy

Written by Josh Unfried

As a professional in the health club industry, you know that sticking to a fitness goal is perhaps the hardest, and most common, challenge for members regardless of fitness level or background. Achieving a fitness goal is only possible through motivation, strategic planning and a lot of hard work. Without these three factors (and others, too), it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon.

How does this relate to marketing your health club? Well, you’ll lose members if and when motivation, planning and inspiration to work hard become lost.


As we've mentioned before, one of the most impactful, important, and effective, tools in your health club marketing tool belt to help keep prospects and members engaged in their fitness journey is your b-l-o-g … the almighty blog.

Using your blog with other content marketing tools – such as social media and email marketing – can help motivate and educate (keyword: educate!) your members so they stick to their goals and remain members of your health club much longer.

You may have also heard the buzzwords “customer experience” and “brand loyalty” – a result of consumer behavior where loyal customers consistently stick with preferred brands (or companies, etc.) regardless of convenience or price. Most of you need no reminder that member retention is a huge player in the success of your health club.

Improve customer experience, maintain brand loyalty and retain memberships

Stick to these following seven helpful tips when utilizing your blog:

Tip #1: Feature your members.

Give them the spotlight as a featured member of the month, for example. Share their success story to help inspire others and offer your hardworking members a sense of pride and accomplishment in achieving, or working towards, their fitness goals.


Tip #2: Talk about your health club.

Some members just come and go, directly to and from their spot in the group fitness class, personal training session or favorite gym machine and may not even be aware of all the other amenities your health club offers.

Tip #3: Offer a sense of belonging.

People naturally want to feel connected and a part of the health club culture. Nobody likes feeling left out. Keep the tone fresh with your brand and welcoming to all members, including everyone in the conversations.

Tip #4: Educate through your expertise.

You have certified and trained personal trainers, group fitness instructors and/or health and nutrition coaches at your fingertips. Use them and their expertise to showcase your health club’s vast knowledge and understanding of the fitness industry, upping the value to members.

Tip #5: Share up-to-date research and news.

Members want to know that their health club is current with all fitness and health industry research, news, techniques and ideas. Not only stay up-to-date, but also share the learned knowledge with your members.

Tip #6: Understand your members’ needs.

Don’t just spew out content. Be sure to occasionally check in with members to find out what it is that they are looking for. Is there something else you could provide to members to increase brand loyalty and retain membership? Keep the lines of communication open and once needs are determined, strategically act on them.

Tip #7: Offer something they don’t know they need.

Sometimes members don’t yet know what’s best, or helpful, for them. Offering a blog post featuring tips on staying healthy while traveling? Add in a specific list of exercises to do while on the road that don’t require a gym or gear. Offering a blog post highlighting nutrition tips? Include a weekly meal-planning template.

Follow these seven tips for added value that will increase brand loyalty and, most importantly, member retention. Share with us, how is your health club using your blog to retain memberships?

Josh is the founder and CEO of WindFarm. Josh enjoys helping brands navigate the transition from traditional to new media and preparing their organization for digital-social marketing lead generation and success.
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