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Sales, Email Marketing

Written by Josh Unfried

There’s no need to beat around the bush on this one, let’s get right to it: email marketing matters in order to grow health club memberships. Plain and simple.


Email marketing is almost always where the conversion happens for special offers. Advertisements and direct mail are not nearly as convenient for the user to “opt-in” to the offer, therefore the conversions are much lower.


An ideal location to motivate and educate leads to become “buyer ready,” email is where they learn more about the solution to their fitness problem by reading the helpful emails on fitness education from your health club.

Contacts on your email distribution list who are nurtured with email marketing simply convert at a much higher level than those who are emailed special offers. Why? Because they …

  • Have more trust in the health club that is educating and motivating them with quality email content.
  • Better understand the value of the health club membership and how it helps them achieve their fitness goals.
  • Open the health club emails more frequently because they value the content, hence the likelihood of opting-in on special offers promoted via email.


Every health club should have the following three types of emails sent to its members and prospective members on a regular, and strategic, basis:

  1. A monthly newsletter – Aim to become their main source of knowledge within their interests of the health club industry. Additionally, include blog articles, premium content, upcoming events, company announcements and anything else relevant and timely for the lead.
  2. Ongoing special offers – Have an upcoming or current promotional offer or coupon? Include it as a special email offer for leads and existing members, depending on the offering.
  3. Email lead nurturing – Offer a series of emails specific to the email contacts’ fitness interests and/or goals, where content matches each phase of the customer journey, including awareness, consideration, decision and delight.

Bottom line: email marketing matters and is an absolute must in order to effectively grow your health club memberships. Take these tools and apply them to your health club for optimal growth and strategic marketing planning.

Share with us! How does your health club effectively utilize your email marketing program? What have you learned that works and doesn’t work, and how do you overcome those challenges? Leave a comment below!

Josh is the founder and CEO of WindFarm. Josh enjoys helping brands navigate the transition from traditional to new media and preparing their organization for digital-social marketing lead generation and success.
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