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Social Media, Strategy

Metrics, as we know all too well, are important to measure the results of any and all marketing efforts. Metrics help you to determine what is working and what is not working, how to adjust and improve your marketing plan, and reveal the ROI (return on investment) of your efforts. The same holds true for social media.

Leads, Strategy

You’re working hard to create consistent, quality blog content. Once you hit the “publish” button, you may be thinking, “Is this it? All of that hard work and research and writing and time and planning and editing … just over?” The answer is absolutely not. Let us introduce a creative and resourceful tool of “repurposing.”

Email Marketing, Strategy

Let’s talk about one of the most time-effective ways to turn your prospects into members (aka “lead nurturing”) and new members into raving fans utilizing this modern email marketing tactic: automated workflows.

Sales, Strategy

As we all know, this time of year seems to be the busiest season for health clubs because of all the resolutions being made by club members and prospective members.

Social Media, Strategy

Social media rules many things in the digital marketing world; we know that already. It’s generally understood that in order to effectively reach a health club audience, including potential and existing members, a gym must be on Facebook.

Loyalty, Strategy

As a professional in the health club industry, you know that sticking to a fitness goal is perhaps the hardest, and most common, challenge for members regardless of fitness level or background. Achieving a fitness goal is only possible through motivation, strategic planning and a lot of hard work. Without these three factors (and others, too), it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon.

How does this relate to marketing your health club? Well, you’ll lose members if and when motivation, planning and inspiration to work hard become lost.


With any comprehensive health club marketing plan comes a lineup of SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, timely) marketing goals. Understanding if your strategic marketing plan is working is crucial to its success and ongoing implementation. That’s where the “M for measurable” comes into play from the SMART goals: use benchmarking to help determine whether your marketing efforts are successful with supported, quantifiable statistics.

Website Design, Strategy

Not all health club websites are created equal. That definitely rings true in this case for Sacramento-based gym California Family Fitness, a thriving regional club with 19 locations who just launched the first website of its kind in the health club industry on the Hubspot platform.

What makes their new digital digs so different and unique?

Leads, Strategy

Many established businesses face the same problem when they are ready to make the move from traditional marketing to more sustainable marketing like inbound marketing. The old or traditional way that health clubs grew their business was through billboards, local media (like radio), print, and television. They also converted the purchased audience to members with offers.

It is the classic marketing funnel.

Has your health club decided to make the transition from traditional to new media and inbound marketing? If so, you know the way you grow and market a health club business has fundamentally changed. You are no longer relying heavily on traditional marketing channels such as direct mail and are shifting to a model that supports the buyer's journey and the new digital customer experience.