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Written by Ashley Jorz

Kent_Profile_Pic_2.jpgHere at WindFarm, we like to take time once in a while to highlight some of the rockin' talents we are privileged to work with every day. Today, we’re featuring one of our Inbound Marketing Consultants, Kent Peterson. Kent brings a unique and dynamic perspective to every project and client, and we so enjoy having him a part of the WindFarm team. 

We sat down with Kent to ask him a few questions:

What were you doing before joining WindFarm?

For the last fifteen years, I have been a mural and faux finish artist in the Sacramento area. In addition, I have been a music director/worship pastor for a few different churches over the years. I decided to put my creative and administrative skills to work in a new field, which introduced me to the world of digital and inbound marketing. I began working for a local agency here in Roseville last year and was very excited to have the opportunity to join the team at Windfarm this year. 

What made you decide to join the team at WindFarm Marketing?

I have known Josh, our CEO, for a number of years, and have always been interested in what he has been doing at Windfarm. In fact, when I began investigating other career opportunities that would be a good fit for me, Josh was the one that got me interested in pursuing digital marketing. While at the other agency last year, I connected with Windfarm about our agencies doing some client work together, and through that process became much more familiar with Windfarm. That confirmed what I already knew–Windfarm would be a fantastic team to work with. The values and the culture here are perfectly aligned with who I am.

What have you been most excited to learn/accomplish at WindFarm?

The more I learn about Inbound Marketing and all of the strategy and creativity that it involves, the more excited I get. I love to learn, and my goal is to become an Inbound Marketing guru. Being able to learn from the other experts here at Windfarm will, no doubt, make me a guru in no time.

222472_2030389802346_382396_n.jpegHow is being an artist and being a marketer similar or different?

Let me address this in two ways, because my experience as an artist happens in two ways. 
First, as a visual artist doing mural work, the work is done alone, and I become extremely focused on my craft. This is the part of me that loves the detail work of marketing. From writing content to implementing digital ads, to analyzing and categorizing results, there are many things that a marketer does alone and focused. 
Second, as a musician, I get to work with others to produce music that people enjoy. I have a very specific role in the band, as do each of the other band mates. So, too, in marketing.  We work alongside other experts as a team to produce the best campaigns and content. From writers to designers, to strategists, to implementors, we all work together to produce the very best results. 


Ashley is an Account Manager and Director of Engagement at WindFarm Marketing. She has an extensive background in sales and is Hubspot Inbound Certified. In her spare time she’s cooking for her family, taking a jaunt through the park, and has her nose deep in a good novel.
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