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Written by Beka Johnson

The One Thing Nobody Else Has

As more and more businesses flood the marketplace, it’s easy to become worried about competition. It’s always a little bit nerve-wracking when a competitor pops up down the street, or even in the same city! However, there’s one important component you have that your competition will never have. It’s an important one, too. Nobody else, no other company out there, no matter how similar—none of them have your story. It’s yours.


Your company is the combined background, education, experiences, talents, and personality of everyone on your team, and there’s nothing else in the universe quite like it. How’s that for differentiation? You really are unique, and now is the time to own it.

Taking Inventory and Defining What Matters

We’ve been trained over time to only pay attention to certain things in our field and to ignore all the rest. The hotshots who have come before us have told us what to value in our industry. They’ve defined what matters. And very few companies have bothered to take a step outside themselves for a minute, look at the current landscape, identify the needs, really take inventory of the collective talents of everyone on the team, and attempt a fresh approach to some of the things they’ve been doing (and doing fairly well, mind you) all these years.

Being What Only You Can Be

The world is constantly changing, and companies that remain stagnant will eventually become obsolete. You have to adapt. You have to look for your potential customers’ pain points and figure out ahead of time how you plan to alleviate the pain. Look for the questions nobody else is answering and answer them. Really take note of the things that set each of the people on your team apart and use brand storytelling to weave together the story of how you came to be and who you hope to be. Talk about what inspires you and what motivates you, and find ways to personally connect where others are automating. Stand out by being you while everyone else is busy being who people have told them to be.

The reality is you’ve got something nobody else has. It’s time to embrace it!

Beka is a Strategist at WindFarm Marketing. She loves dabbling, reading, scheming, writing, and dreaming up ways to make good things better. When she's not working, you can find her gardening, throwing dinner parties, and/or drinking champagne.
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