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Facebook advertising for destination marketing is a sound investment. Now if only there was a guide for traveler marketers with expert advice? Ahem...

With 1.86 billion monthly users, we can guarantee your target audience is not only on Facebook, but is using the social platform on a daily basis. As a travel marketer, this affords you a significant opportunity to target both your followers and their friends, as well as allow you to reach a new potential market that could be eager to learn about your destination or resort.

Did you know that Facebook advertising allows you to reach 89% of your intended audience? Now that’s good marketing!

Social Media, Digital Advertising

A majority of people carefully research their trips online before booking any of the details. This makes sense: traveling is an investment, requires time off work and people are always looking for a great deal or unique destination to visit.

During their research, let’s say they land on your website. Here’s the great news:

You don't know who they are, but Facebook does. And, now you are able to retarget them inside of Facebook with relevant content and offers.

Social Media, Digital Advertising

Cool weather is upon us, and if you’re a travel marketer then you’re probably gearing up for the new year with your next travel marketing campaign. Is Facebook advertising included in your game plan? It should be!

Social Media, Digital Advertising

We know your target audience is on Facebook, and because of this it’s one of the reasons why Facebook has emerged as one of the best online advertising platforms. In recent years, Facebook’s organic reach has declined, and so marketers are turning to Facebook ads to achieve results.

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You simply need to scroll down your Facebook newsfeed to see the popular phrase, “the world is your oyster,” can easily be applied to Facebook with its 1.86 billion monthly users. What exactly do we mean by that?