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Social Media, Strategy, Digital Advertising

Did you know that more than half of Facebook users dream about taking a vacation while they are browsing their newsfeeds—even if they don’t already have a vacation plan in the works? It’s true. And 55% of those planning a vacation “like” Facebook pages that spotlight their destinations.

Strategy, Digital Advertising

Hospitality marketers take note: when it comes to brainstorming your Facebook ad creative a huge shift has occurred. That shift has included a migration from focusing on text to images in your ad creative. This isn’t to say your text isn’t important, it absolutely is, but in order to grab your target audience’s attention and gain influence, you must use compelling images or video that evoke emotion. You also want to focus your efforts here because 5,000 images are shared every second on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. Given the saturation of digital content, coupled with consumer’s shorter attention spans, it has perhaps never been so important to visually stand out.

Strategy, Digital Advertising

You simply need to scroll down your Facebook newsfeed to see the popular phrase, “the world is your oyster,” can easily be applied to Facebook with its 1.86 billion monthly users. What exactly do we mean by that?