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Written by Devon Zimny

A majority of people carefully research their trips online before booking any of the details. This makes sense: traveling is an investment, requires time off work and people are always looking for a great deal or unique destination to visit.

During their research, let’s say they land on your website. Here’s the great news:

You don't know who they are, but Facebook does. And, now you are able to retarget them inside of Facebook with relevant content and offers.


Facebook advertising has some great options to retarget those who have previously demonstrated an interest in taking a trip, either from your website or mobile app. So, for your next travel destination marketing campaign, consider these retargeting strategies and touch points to help bring people back to your website.

Tip #1: Target All Website Visitors

The great news about retargeting is that people have already demonstrated an interest in your resort or destination, so now your job is to help them take action (i.e. book a trip). Start by targeting all of your website visitors. Here are three tactics to try:  

  • Keep your destination top of mind. Promote beautiful images and video designed to lead them back to your website to plan their next vacation to your resort or location.
  • Promote the top articles on your site. Select the blog posts or content that received the highest engagement from your website visitors, and feature those front and center.
  • Highlight upcoming events. If you have a special event or unique amenities (i.e. concert, sporting event, specials or discounted services), promote it to your website visitors and make it highly visible on your website.

Tip #2: Target Based on Specific Pages they Have Visited on Your Website

When visitors landed on your website, what pages did they look at? Do you offer a spa on property, and were they browsing your services menu? Or perhaps you have a five-star restaurant and they were checking out the cuisine you offer? Facebook retargeting allows you to promote your amenities and services based on your target audience’s preferences and past web browsing history.

Example: If your web visitors spent time viewing the dining section on your website, try promoting a piece of content that lists your top five local farm to fork restaurants. When the Facebook user clicks on the content, they will automatically be directed back to your website.  

Tip #3: Retarget with Premium Content or a Special Offer

Are you currently running a giveaway, special offer or have created a piece of premium content (i.e. a visitor’s guide or trip planning e-book)? Retargeting website visitors by offering something special, is a great way to learn more about them and get their email address. From there, you are able to follow-up with relevant, targeted emails.  

For some additional resources when it comes to Facebook retargeting, check out our helpful step-by-step guide.

And now we’d love to hear from you! Tell us: have you used Facebook retargeting in a recent travel destination marketing campaign? Any other tips or best practices you would add to our list? Please share below, and let’s chat!

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