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Written by Kimberly Keyes

At WindFarm, we LOVE health and fitness. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as being experts when it comes to Inbound marketing for fitness organizations. So, you can imagine how thrilled we were to start a partnership with Kaia FIT - a fitness brand by women for women.


With more than 50 locations, the founder and executive team realized that to achieve Kaia FIT’s aggressive growth and expansion goals, the organization would to need to address and overcome specific marketing challenges. For this blog post we want to focus on these top three challenges:

  • Kaia maintained a digital presence online (website and social media channels), but didn’t have a strategy to produce measurable results
  • Kaia had been relying on expensive, traditional media outlets and national advertising campaigns that covered geographic territories well beyond its presence with no traceable local awareness and lead generation results
  • Kaia was creating great content, but didn’t have the strategy to move prospects through each stage of the buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration, and decision)

We attacked these challenges by creating a comprehensive and strategic gameplan with a focus on converting their traffic and social media followers into marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs).

A recent example of this strategy would be their September “Fall Back into Fitness” Giveaway. We leveraged the changing seasons and “back to school” mentality to create a giveaway campaign that attracted new prospects, nurtured leads and converted current MQLs into SQLs. 

Design Elements 

We promoted this giveaway through their email lists, a blog post and targeting their personas through a Facebook ad campaign.

Campaign Ad



Landing Page

Giveaway Landing Page

Thank You Page


Adding our 28 Day Butt Challenge premium content piece was a great call to action for our thank you page and resulted in 288 clicks! Go Kaia FIT!

Email Promotion




This was a two-week campaign that ran from September 15 through September 29. At the end of the campaign, we had:

  • 1,514 submissions
  • 59.95% conversion
  • 327 new MQLs
  • 95 SQLS

This project was successful because we applied our industry knowledge obtained through past work in the health and fitness industry to execute a research-based, results driven campaign.

We were able to create and promote high-value content to attract traffic, convert new prospects and nurture past prospects into MQLs and SQLs. Essentially, we identified our personas and then provided the right content, at the right time.

We have not only been able to impact our client in the short term with 95 new possible members, but also the long term because we are attracting, growing and nurturing an audience that will result in sustainable marketing efforts for years to come.

Kimberly has more than seven years of experience in marketing and project management. She has a Master of Arts in Communication Studies from California State University - Sacramento. Kimberly is passionate about all things rhetoric including content, stories and news. She fulfills her passion through her work in marketing and periodically teaches Communication Studies at the university level.
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