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Customer Value Journey (CVJ) Audit

Uncover costly gaps and lost revenue opportunities in your buyer’s journey


Is Your Customer Journey Broken?

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Why a Customer Value Journey Audit?

If you want to improve your digital marketing efforts, you need to understand and improve your Customer Value Journey (CVJ).

Your customer value journey defines how (and how well) your target audience becomes aware of and engages with you, and decides to become and stay a customer.

  • Where are you missing opportunities in the buyer's journey for quick wins and optimization?
  • Where should you focus your efforts and investment to improve business outcomes?

The Customer Value Journey is an 8-step path that people travel as they discover your brand, build a relationship with you, and become customers and raving fans.

Hiring us to document and recommend a path to improve your Customer Value Journey will help you know exactly where leads may be dropping off, why they may not be making it through the process to become a customer, and what you can do to fix or optimize your CVJ.

CVJ Audit & Optimization Project Goals


The goals behind the Customer Value Journey Audit & Optimization Project include conducting a thorough review of your existing Customer Value Journey (CVJ), summarizing a new proposed CVJ identifying by new opportunities and quick wins, and prioritize strategic marketing recommendations based on maximum impact on the bottom line. 

CVJ Audit Goals
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CVJ Audit & Optimization includes:

A Customer Value Journey audit includes discovery calls, in-depth research, in-person 2-day workshop with key stakeholders, current CVJ defined, gap analysis, executive presentation of proposed Customer Value Journey, and strategic marketing recommendations & priorities proposed. 

Example of a CVJ Schedule:

Session 1: Identifying your customer buyer personas

Session 2: Plotting each stage of your customer journey

Session 3: Uncovering costly gaps and lost revenue opportunities

Session 4: Strategic recommendations to improve your CVJ

CVJ Outcomes

How the CVJ Audit will help you

What will you be able to takeaway and apply from this effort? Glad you asked.

A CVJ Audit will help your brand improve customer experience, increase return on marketing investment, shorten sale cycles, gain insights into common customer pain points, define your target market, understand how customers interact with your business, identify inefficiencies in your marketing, and discover opportunities for up-sell. 




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How to find and fix the holes in your customer journey



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