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Website Strategy & SEO Audit

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Website Audit

What is a Website Strategy & SEO Audit?

There is a lot of misinformation on the web about the best web strategy and SEO practices, that’s why you need experts to weigh in. Our team identifies the strategy and SEO barriers keeping your website from attracting, engaging, and converting more traffic into customers. The results of this audit can be used to inform a new website redesign and more strategic SEO plan for your organization.

We'll look at your site the way real users (and Google) see it and reveal what needs to be improved. 

  • Website Strategy Review & Optimization Recommendations
  • Website SEO Audit & Recommendations

How the Website & SEO Audit Will Help

Improved Organic Search Visibility

You will understand where your website currently ranks, identify opportunities where your website rankings can increase, and develop an SEO strategy with keywords related to your business.

Enhanced Website Usability

Streamline your website in order to capture more leads, understand where users are leaving your website & why they are bouncing, and identify areas to simplify.

Create Stronger and Better Content

Understand important website KPIs, identify key areas to improve for better search engine indexing, find areas for improved content, strategize what content resonates with your audience.

Improved Conversion Rates

Examine top landing pages and their content, design, and CTAs to maximize conversions along with receive assistance in strategic planning.
Website Audit Benefits
Website Audit Includes

What’s included in a Website Audit?

Website Strategy Review & Optimization Report

A Website Strategy Review & Optimization Report includes client (user) interviews, website strategy audit & performance review, and conversion optimization recommendations report. 

Website SEO Audit & Recommendations Report

The Website SEO Audit & Recommendations Report includes backlink analysis, website crawl & mapping, technical site review, keyword research, site map, SEO information architecture consulting, metadata optimization, actionable optimization, SEO best practices document. 




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