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Customer journey webinar

Uncover (and fix) costly gaps and lost revenue in your customer journey




Who is this webinar for? 

  • Executives who want to uncover and recapture lost revenue opportunities
  • Marketers who want to know how to map, diagnose, and improve their buyer's journey to maximize leads and conversions
  • Sales Directors who want to improve close rate and decrease time-to-sale 
  • Client Service Managers who want to understand where customers are dropping off to improve retention and upsell efforts

Key questions you'll be able to answer

  • Where are my customers dropping off in our marketing, sales, and retention efforts?
  • Am I losing revenue because of gaps or holes in our customer journey?
  • How well do we understand our customer journey and what keeps them buying, engaged, and staying with our brand?


What will you learn? 

  • Uncover costly gaps and lost revenue opportunities in your buyer’s journey
  • The benefits to mapping your current buyer's journey
  • Learn the Customer Value Journey (CVJ) framework
  • How to use the CVJ to identify and prioritize where to focus efforts and investment to improve business outcomes
  • Know what next steps need to be taken to improve your customer value journey 



Josh Josh Unfried - CEO, WindFarm Marketing: Josh has 20 years experience in the marketing and tech sectors, fueled by his passion to help brands create healthier lives and communities using the power of social media, beautifully crafted content, and the science of SEO, automation, and inbound marketing.
Kelly Kelly Card - Chief Engagement Officer, ABC Financial: As the Chief Engagement Officer, Kelly is responsible for driving strategy and fitness industry connectivity that advances the technology and the service partnerships of ABC Financial.


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